Hi Beauties,

How are you all this Wednesday Morning?

Anyways, just so you all know me a little better , I decided to do this post about ten random facts about me. I also have a video on my youtube channel titled – GET TO ME TAG, you might wanna watch that if this post is too long –


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VLOG #3: Laura Ikeji’s Book Signing Event

Hi beauties,

This is not a regular post and i think this is the first time id be doing a vlog post on my blog. yippie!! Thanks for stopping by.

So on the 18th of March ,2018, i attended the Laura Ikeji’s book signing. I set my alarm so my village people wont mess up my plans because i can be so forgetful sometimes. I woke up Sunday morning, and started getting ready for the event which was slated for 2pm. And Laura posted on her IG page that she was going to be giving out only 100 copies for free so as a sharp girl who loves awoof, I got there by 12.

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Hi beauties,

Not everything makeup and beauty related, other times lets talk about being smart and excelling academic wise.

Based on the above, i have some tips to help you graduate with first class, these tips helped me a lot and i am sure it would help you as well.

We all dread exams but we shouldn’t, I used to dread exams and would get √©xam sick’ whenever one was coming. Do you know what causes such fear? it’s lack of preparation amongst others. When one is not properly prepared for an examination, when the time comes, he or she becomes very scared. Continue reading